The 11th company with the largest market cap

NYT The NY Times has an interesting visual on when and how big the 11 companies that have held the top market cap spot were. Apple’s $338.9 billion market cap is top dog now, but it pales in comparison to Cisco’s $707.9 billion market cap of 2000. via Daring Fireball

A few weeks with the FitBit

A few weeks with the FitBit

The FitBit. It’s tiny, it’s beyond portable, and it tracks how active (or inactive) you are. I bought this little guy after seeing various bloggers around the web falling in love with theirs, and I had to get in on the action. What made it so appealing? The answer to that comes with the territory […]

Dell: ‘We’re no longer a PC company’

PC Pro Dell’s enterprise solution group Brad Anderson: “We’re no longer a PC company, we’re an IT company. Dell’s changing very quickly. We are dramatically changing the make-up of our business. It’s no longer about shiny boxes, it’s about IT solutions [that let companies drive efficiencies].” Funny. HP looked like they were jumping off that […]

HTC’s new design

HTC One HTC announced today the HTC One series of Android phones. To be honest, I haven’t been excited about HTC’s design for some time now, but this trio (particularly the HTC One V) have me very excited. Bulky seems to be a thing of the past.  

The evolution of Windows logos

Microsoft Paula asked us a simple question, “your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?” In some ways you can trace the evolution of the Windows logo in parallel with the advancements of the technology used to create logos. From the simple two color version in Windows 1.0 to the intricate and detailed renderings […]

OS X Mountain Lion

Just as Apple did a few years ago, upgrading the Mac operating system from one type of Leopard to another, the company is announcing a followup to Mac OS X Lion with another type of lion: Mountain Lion, version 10.8. Although the change from Leopard to Snow Leopard was slight, the jump from Lion to […]

Sony apologizes for Whitney Houston CD price hike

BBC: Sony ‘sorry’ for album price hike In a statement, Sony said the albums had been “mistakenly mispriced”. I usually keep my manatee-sized grain of salt ready for situations like this.

Samsung just doesn’t get it

Electronista: Samsung: image quality would fend off possible Apple TV set In an interview with Pocket-lint, Samsung audio/video lead Chris Moseley stated the following in response to the rumors of Apple building a TV: “TVs are ultimately about picture quality,” Moseley said. “How smart they are…great, but let’s face it that’s a secondary consideration. The ultimate […]

Scumbag (noun), definition: Sony Music

VentureBeat: Shameful: Sony raised prices on Whitney Houston’s digital music 30 minutes after her death Sony chose to raise the price of one of her most popular hits collections. The Ultimate Collection album in the U.K. jumped in price by more than 60 percent from £4.99 to £7.99 within 30 minutes of Houston’s death, according to […]

Denial isn’t just a river in Africa

The Globe and Mail: Roger Martin: Defying RIM’s critics The combative Mr. Martin forcefully rejects that view, challenging the notion that last month’s resignations of the embattled Mr. Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis as co-CEOs and chairmen was a case of too little, too late. “I laugh at the vast majority of critics when they say ‘Oh, […]

SNL’s Verizon 4G skit

Kayak ending BlackBerry support

Kayak blog: When we started KAYAK in 2004, we issued BlackBerries to the entire engineering team so we could communicate instantly 24/7. Today we’ve all switched, and it seems our users are doing the same. Our audience of BlackBerry users has been declining precipitously, and we can’t justify the cost any longer.

Yahoo is still losing market share, Google is gaining

Yahoo is still losing market share, Google is gaining

comScore The trend continues: Google and, to some extent, Bing are gaining marketshare at the expense of Yahoo search.

Thirteen and counting

Thirteen and counting

Aaron Greenberg: However… Joystiq: January NPD: Sales down without big launches, Skylanders a hit for accessories Both hardware and software video game sales were down by a great deal in January, according to the latest report from NPD. Both categories dropped 38% year over year in the US, and video games sales in total dropped from […]

Ice Cream Sandwich: Google’s one percent

Ice Cream Sandwich: Google’s one percent

9to5 Google: Android Ice Cream Sandwich now installed on 1 percent of all devices  

Tim Schafer and Double Fine to develop game with Kickstarter funding

Kickstarter All money raised will go to make the game and documentary better. Additional money means it can appear on more platforms, be translated into more languages, have more music and voice, and an original soundtrack for the documentary, and more! … Over a six-to-eight month period, a small team under Tim Schafer’s supervision will […]

Kodak ending camera business

Kodak [Kodak] plans to phase out its dedicated capture devices business – comprising digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames – in the first half of 2012. Kodak will instead expand its current brand licensing program, and seek licensees in these categories. Following this decision, Kodak’s Consumer Business will include online and retail-based […]

What happened to

ReadWriteWeb: Were and “Group Listening” Just a Summertime Fad? New data suggests that’s popularity was indeed short-lived. Rather than growing continuously over time, the site’s Web traffic, search volume and Alexa rank all spiked in July and then trailed downward from August onward, according an analysis from Digital Music News. Now that I […]

Obama fires marshmallow cannon

Hey, Samsung, styli aren’t in style anymore

Time: Note to Samsung: The Pen Doesn’t Sell Here are the problems with using the pen as a selling point for Samsung’s Galaxy Note: It conjures memories of the Palm Pilot, a product and a brand that became obsolete a long time ago. You can’t explain the subtleties of the stylus in a flashy television commercial. […]