You may have seen my work at The Daily Get Up, Uberoid, and sometimes at my personal blog, and I bet you’re wondering what it is that I’m doing here. In short, this is my latest venture.┬áThe Spiral Source is where I’ll be putting down my thoughts and observations on the latest happenings in technology in blurb format as well as longer analytical pieces. You won’t be seeing me “reporting” news, per se — press releases exist and you can read them. Rather, I’ll be adding my two cents about what’s going on. Think of me as your local neighborhood columnist.

You may have noticed the lack of ads on the site. I plan on keeping it that way. There may be one small ad on the site, but nothing further than that. A membership is available, and there’s more info here.

Well, I’m all for brevity, but if you have further questions you can contact me here.

Inspiration for the site: Daring Fireball, The Loop, Splat F.