‘The new iPad’

Prediction: the next iPhone will be marketed as “the new iPhone” and will simply be called “iPhone.” The number scheme is useless at this point, and dropping the numbers makes a ton of sense.

  • iPhone – first iPhone.
  • iPhone 3G – second iPhone.
  • iPhone 3GS – third iPhone.
  • iPhone 4 – fourth iPhone.
  • iPhone 4S – fifth iPhone.
  • iPhone __ – sixth iPhone.

What’ll the next iPhone be named? “5” obviously can’t be used; it’s the sixth model, and the fourth design. However, knowing that Apple sells two versions of the iPhone — the current at full price, and the old one at a discount — they may keep some type of naming scheme to solely differentiate the two. But I’ll put money on it being only “the new iPhone” and the “$99 iPhone.”

2 responses to “‘The new iPad’”

  1. Michael

    As u said on twitter, I love it!

  2. Michael

    Meant ‘As I said’. Typing on an iPhone is fun.

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