SmartPlanet talks to Bill Nye

SmartPlanet: Q&A: Bill Nye, the Planetary Guy

Looking back on Bill Nye the Science Guy, how would the show need to change if you were making it for kids today?

There are some details. We might have Madonna, but we’d have Lady Gaga. We wouldn’t have the Spin Doctors, we’d have Rihanna. We would be in high-def. If I had it to do again, and I don’t, we’d have merchandise. It didn’t occur to me that the Walt Disney Corporation wouldn’t have merchandise. It just never crossed my mind. And people want it. The big picture and the demonstrations would be pretty much the same.
And I would not pull any punches about climate change. On the old show, there are three really obvious demonstrations or mentions of climate change, but we’d do a lot more on it.

Always fascinating to read.

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