Shitty article of the week

Forbes: Five Signs That Apple Is A Bubble

Right off the bat:

Apple is Apple because of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is gone. Unless we are prepared to suddenly de-deify the god of technology quickly, how can we expect Apple to maintain its supernatural talents now that its mastermind has passed away? Great men do not have great successors.

Of course Apple will never continue this momentum forever. Of course Steve Jobs made Apple what it is today. But — and that’s a big “but” — remember, Apple isn’t made of thousands of employees, all emulating Jobs. And to think otherwise makes your argument fallacious.


It’s a toy company. A toy company can’t be the U.S.’ most valuable company for long–that only happens in humorous SF and ‘Willy Wonka’ style stories.

Absolutely. Laptops are toys. Phones are toys. Tablets are toys.

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