Path 2.1


We are delighted to announce Nike as the first Path API partner. Starting today, you can connect Nike+ GPS to Path to share your runs, in real time, with your family and close friends.


We’ve also taken time with 2.1 to improve two popular Path stories: Music and Photos. To Music, we’ve added what we call Music Match, a single button you can tap to record and recognize the music playing around you, so even an unfamiliar song in a coffee shop or a newly released track playing at a friend’s house can be remembered and shared easily with the ones you love on Path. For Photos we’ve worked hard to refine each of our free lenses, and we’ve also added a new comic book-inspired lens called Pow. Camera previews are now high-definition, and a new advanced feature that separates focus and exposure points will help you take beautiful photos, even in the trickiest lighting situations.

The inclusion of APIs, ways for other apps to hook into the one you’re using, really makes Path way more attractive for new users, and to keep its current 2 million users happy. However, it’s only Nike+ for now. Gotta start somewhere, right?

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